Catalina Cruz squirting for the first time live on cam

My last live cam show was a memorable one. I have always had people who requested and have a desire to see me squirt especially after my latest scene with Marcus and Tony where Marcus had me squirt. I have explained in the past that it is different than an orgasm at least with my body. Most women will squirt if the right area is pushed on inside of you. In any event, long story short… I had a very naughty live show and fulfilled the squirting fantasy on myself. I think it was the oil that made me do it too. I get carried away when I play with oil. Literally the whole house was rattling and very loud when I had an orgasm. The blue angels went over my house. The timing was perfect but it scared me and the members watching the show live. lol I told them the Russians were coming. Not really funny but I really wasn’t sure at first! Here are some screen shots from my last live show if you missed it. The whole show will go up unedited as well as the photos too inside the members area. You can watch all my scenes and archived live shows whenever you desire because they are streaming and always available to watch.

My next live cam show is this Sunday, March 25th at 2pm ET. Come chat and play with me. I am moving the days/times around some so everyone gets a chance to come to my live shows. I know everyone is on a different schedule and in different time zones. I will do my best to mix it up. I have a live special porn star cam event in April coming up soon that I will be announcing in the members area and on twitter too!

OMG… my Mom just text me three times as I am typing this blog. Mama Cruz is on a rampage today. Have a good day everyone! Be kind and happy! Love, Catalina Cruz

5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz squirting for the first time live on cam

  1. mke

    Don’t You Dare Forget The Oil On Sunday lol ,Mikey Likes Ya Dripp’n . Wett !! on me !! Please !

  2. AHA

    Catalina is a prime candidate to do her 1st DP this year, c’mon Cat give it to us!´and by the way:She is perfect model for interracial.

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