Getting to know Catalina Cruz on Snapchat

I’m really enjoying getting to know some of you personally on Snapchat. I had a blast at my live cam show last night and I usually go on Snapchat before my show starts. I post my daily life as well as naughty snaps. I will be posting a lot this weekend as I will be shooting all weekend. There are two special live events on Saturday and Sunday that I will be posting live on Snapchat too as well as my adventures while I am out of town. I do personally reply and play with everyone one on one when I can.

Here are a few very tame pics I posted last night. If you are a member of my site you get access to my private Snapchat channel. All you have to do is contact us with your Snapchat ID and your membership info and I will add you asap.

See you this weekend for my special live cam shows and Snapchat! Remember to always keep moving forward, Do what you need to do for you. Stay positive and lets live our lives fully! xoxo Love, Catalina Cruz

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