Catalina Cruz live 1 on 1 cam shows free for members on June 4, 2016

To celebrate the start of summer, my favorite time of year and to give thanks to my members, I have scheduled a member’s appreciation session Saturday, June 4th at 1pm EST. Make sure you log in to get the info you need to come say hi and play with me one on one. These private video chats are on a first come first served basis and I will do them for an hour on Saturday. I spend about 5-10 minutes with each person alone.

I also will be live on cam tomorrow, June 1st at 8pm EST for members. Come watch me get kinky in an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie bikini. It will be a solo toy show, come play!

I am soooo excited to have my Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals! Congrats to the team! I truly hope Cleveland can take it this year. It will be extremely tough against the Warriors who I enjoy watching too. Those 3 pointers are just so evil:) I will be watching the games as they start this week.

See you tomorrow for my live show! Thank you to those that have been emailing me with sweet comments about my website. I LOVE hearing that you are loving it.

Love, Catalina Cruz

My next live cam show will be this Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 8pm EST

9 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz live 1 on 1 cam shows free for members on June 4, 2016

  1. Mike

    Hi Catalina,

    Do you have any plans in the future to work with the absolutely gorgeous and sweet Kendra Lust? That woman is an absolute goddess, and the idea of you together( preferably in a FFM threesome or a blow bang), would be enough to make me cum uncontrollably! Please work with this woman!!! Please!!!!

  2. mike

    Just for your sake all be pulling for the cavs and just for your juicy killer body sake ,i’ll be pulling something else today – hahaha Thank you for being such a cool person with the sweetest heart !!
    Thank You .
    your friend mike !

  3. Chanpreet singh

    Hey Catalina I am big of urs. Please I want to join porn industry please can u help me for this and I will do anything for. Please

  4. Gregg Joe

    did catalina already fix a date for a new blowbang show? let ‘s hope that she will be ready for a dp show soon!


    dear mrs cruz, could you do a blowbang show with multiple cocks around you with a happy facial bukkake final at the end

  6. FFCC

    I hope Catalina Cruz will do more blowbang shows in the future. I think a lot of her fans have the same point of view. When will be the next blow show with more men? I

  7. ckekovov

    Yes, Catalina Cruz is one of the hottest. I love how verbal she is sometimes and how much she shows how much she’s enjoying sucking big cocks Would love to see her jerking a huge load from a black dick right into her mouth….that would be awesome stuff.

  8. Kern Obawov I

    unfortunately, this year hardly any blowbang shows . when it’s nearer the time?apart from this: Catalina will ever make a dp or gangbang show ?It’s high time for more variation in her action program!

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