Catalina Cruz strips and opens up to you

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Over the years, I think I have spent more time than I would of liked to defending the adult industry and what I do for a living. It is super hard for some people to understand that you can be a caring person, do good for others, have a family, relationships, a career, pay bills, have hobbies, make mistakes, have goals, feel emotions, be educated… ect, ect. It drives me nuts that because you entertain adults for a living that you are somehow below others and looked down upon yet there are millions of people who have mainstream jobs that have arrests and very shady pasts. A job doesn’t define a person. This isn’t anything new and I don’t think the stigma will ever change but it needs to. There are many women in adult and companies that are giving back and helping communities and people directly quite often. Many do it quietly because they know if the company they are giving to finds out you are in porn, the money will not be accepted or in some cases the help. I am bringing this up as the feedback I am receiving from sharing a name with an upcoming politician who is running for office. That somehow, you are a bad person and cannot do good because you are in the adult industry. It is like every industry or career, I would not lump everyone all together, just as there are wonderful, caring police officers and then the ones that should of never gotten a badge in the first place.

My little rant is now over and we return to entertaining now! Here are some tame pics from one of my last shoots. This was a set I shot before my love fest with Marcus, Donnie and Brandon. That scene will be releasing in early September if you are wondering. Thank you if you came to watch it live. If you missed it, it will be released in full. Also, a reminder… if you are a member you now get access to my private snapchat. The instructions are inside the members area for you. I send out personal, sexy videos as well as just my daily life too. You can snap me back too. We are currently in the process of adding members that requested. It is a new world for me, and a ton of fun too!

Monday is coming to a close, so smile and look at my boobs! Love, Catalina Cruz

2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz strips and opens up to you

  1. Sergio Konokowski

    Hi to all fans of this great lady: When will Catalina be ready for an IR gangbang? Any
    announcements? did she realize the dp promises in her last show? I think she is so great and hope for many new shows in the future. … even though I think she will soon end her career … anyway … thank you Catalina for your great work. Please go on!!!!!

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