Catalina Cruz Rock N Roll Babe Getting Real Naughty

Music has always been so important to me as it is so many. As a teen, music helped me get through so many feelings. I would sometimes listen to songs over and over. A way to relax and forget about things for some time. I didn’t know it then but I think it helped me with anxiety. I still to this day will always listen to music especially if it’s a rough day. I was in the mood to wear my rocker shirt yesterday and was feeling so sexy thinking about the pretty girls in the 80’s hairband music videos. Talk about sex appeal! I just was in awe and loved it. It most likely influenced me and still does when I see those videos.

I did a naughty, rocker video for you and it is now releasing on my site, ManyVids and OnlyFans! I did some exclusive extra footage, behind the scenes and pics for OnlyFans. It’s funny what a simple rocker tee does to me! Here are some teaser pics from it.

Rock on!!! I’ll be your cherry pie for the week. xoxo ~ Catalina Cruz

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