CATALINA CRUZ – This Was A Good Dirty Wife Break

There is always housework to be done but you know what… I actually love to clean but sometimes, I take little breaks. This was a good, dirty wife break. Here are some screenshots from the start of my newest video that is now up for members of my site and inside my too.

Something quite large was hidden in the sofa. Come see what I found and let’s have a good time together. Love, Catalina Cruz

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5 thoughts on “CATALINA CRUZ – This Was A Good Dirty Wife Break

  1. Scottie

    Hello Catalina, I wish you a great year, very good video, you are still as naughty as always, I hope that this year you find many big cocks, so that you get fucked and do justice to those huge tits, give us an IR GANG BANG, we hope you are list this year, much encouragement keep going beautiful warrior and spartan queen.

  2. Scottie

    Well, as she said one day: “you never know”, what if one day she decides to do it, she just lacks the support of the fans, I know she is going through a difficult situation, but many of us ask her, maybe how about one day we that great news in a live show as he did with his special events, LET’S NOT LOSE FAITH, until there is an official announcement from him. WHAT DO YOU NEED CATALINA TO RETURN TO THE BIG LEAGUE???

  3. Conrad1

    The fact is: a large number of fans would like to see Catalina Cruz in BBC or gangbang scenes. The other fact is: with her OF appearances she no longer has to do that. She seems do earn enough money in this way of “adult business”….may be she will say “good bye” soon to porn business

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