Catalina Cruz as a Vintage Vixen

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I am definitely going through a vintage phase of everything. I have always loved vintage dresses and clothes especially along with 50’s diner themes. Here I am as a vintage vixen being a naughty woman. I feel so sexy and frisky in swing dresses.

Watch my new Vintage Vixen video that is now released inside and my OnlyFans channel too. A playful, masturbation encouragement video and there are photos too. Here are a handful of very tame ones. The super naughty ones are inside along with the video.

My next live cam show is March 19, 2022 at 1pm ET inside

Love, Catalina Cruz

2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz as a Vintage Vixen


    you will always be the best, I loved it when you put your legs up before taking off your tutu, it was great what a mess that a user got into, to mention those of us who wanted to see you with other guys, hey I think you should reconsider special events

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