Catalina Cruz my sex drive is on the rise

Since I got back into working out more consistently, my sex drive is on the rise well… it never left but when I am getting fit and working hard my sex drive intensifies. So, my latest video and photos are “Heavy Heat” because I am in heat and ready to play. I feel so much better, happier, sexier now that I am back in the gym. I still have a ways to go though. I like the challenge of it.

I hope you love this new video and pics inside my new Onlyfans and my official site too. There are constant updates. Members of my site get to see my videos shot live and then I chat afterwards too many times which is a perk. Here are some screenshots from “Heavy Heat”.

I also have been shooting some exclusive video clips and pics for my new OnlyFans too. A series called, “Behind the Fantasy” where I talk about things and experiences I’ve had in the adult business. Funny things, sad things, hot encounters ect ect. I love sharing my life with you and what has happened along the way and now too.

Sending you all love!! Be safe out there and smart. I am fully vaccinated and I’ve decided to wear a mask again at times when it is needed even though it sucks but we need to be very cautious right now. Love, Catalina Cruz

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