Catalina Cruz lesbian massage fun with hot girlfriend

I could use a massage right now. I have been working out harder and more than I ever have before even compared to when I did mainstream fitness modeling. It feels like everything is sore lately but I like it. It is almost getting addicting. It is a good addiction though in my opinion, as long as I am eating healthy and resting too. I have way more energy now… well like I really need more. I am hyper to begin with. Last night, one of my workouts was doing ground and pound into a bag on the floor:) I will tell you one thing, if you have any anger or energy to get out, it works! Just be careful with your hands and wrists. You need to wear protective gear that you can find online. Just search for Muay Thai equipment or gear.

Thinking about a good massage… brings me to some classic , sensual spa photos I did with Dayton Rains. These are some of my very favorite girl on girl photos I’ve taken. The ones I posted are extremely tame ones compared to the whole set in the members area. Lots of extreme closeups and very kinky positions. I remember being so aroused during the shoot which makes me realilze why they are some of my favorites. I’ve always had the classic fantasy of getting a massage that ends up with an orgasm. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My next live cam show for members is Thursday, May 5, 2016 @ 8pm EST. Come play with me! Also my sybian show is up now for members too if you missed my last one.

Stay happy, healthy and fit for me! It will lead to more energy which leads to better sex and orgasms.

Love, Dr. Catalina Cruz 🙂

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