Catalina Cruz has to get naked in this summer heat

Well, it is hot as hell here in the AZ desert right now. Smack in the middle of the heat so I am bringing more heat your way by bringing you a hot summer offer that I haven’t done before. You now can join my site for a full year for $79.99 for a full year that includes my official website, thirty one websites and my private Snapchat channel where I get to know my fans personally and daily. This is where you can talk to me one on one. I send daily videos and photos to my story as well. My sites get updated every single day so you never get bored and new sites are added constantly. I love to spoil my sweet members!

Here are some very tame Snapchat selfies that I have taken recently. I post tons of very kinky videos and photos. I post live boy/girl videos often too. In just a little over two weeks I have a special two day girl on girl event planned for all of you too. August 13th and 14th.

We can’t wait to make you all very happy and bring a relaxing smile. That is what I love best about what I do so making people feel good. Life can be so stressful and an orgasm a day I believe can release so much for the mind and body. I feel like we are meant to be sexual as adults and if used in the right way and not abused, porn is a good outlet. Just my opinion and thoughts though. Love, Catalina Cruz

14 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz has to get naked in this summer heat


    Hello love, I would like to know if there is any show with guys planned, maybe a hard gang bang, a ir gang bang or a ir dp, or maybe a good orgy would not be bad, thanks for your shows and your work not only of you my Tasting but also from the boss behind Fantasy Girl Brandon you are the boss my bro seriously you are a lucky guy, I would appreciate a little spoiler of what will come after August. The August shows are with boys or just girls ???

  2. FanCC

    wow she is so hot! hope she starts dating black guys! Needs a big black cock stretching!!!Perhaps an IR DP coming soon?

  3. Sergio Konokowski

    @FanCC: IR DP???? I think this ship has sailed!
    everything else would be a surprise

  4. Jacko

    this discussion is obsolete. ir or not ir, gangbangs or not !? Mrs Cruz should comment on her near future. I think that she will realize some “projects”. A bukkake show, glory hole … would be desirable … in any case: thanks for everything !!!

  5. Jacko

    great announcement! Nevertheless, I still hope on a gangbang ir or blowbang or on a bukkake with this wonderful woman

  6. Sergio Konokowski

    This announcement is a confirmation of my thesis: no ir gangbangs or blowbangs – never. Nevertheless, I wish her a long and active career

  7. webmaster Post author

    Sergio Konokowski why so negative and complaining?

    Catalina Cruz has done so much in her career and continues. She produces ALL of her work. She pays for it all so it is exclusive to her official website for her fans/members.



    People said she would never do IR scenes. Wrong again.

    She keeps on growing her website for you guys.

  8. Sergio Konokowski

    Dear Ms / Mr webmaster,
    thank your for your statement.
    I respect the work of Catalina Cruz and accept it I admire her personality and her beauty and I am happy about her work. I do not want to be negative either. I have only my rational opinion: Many fans want IR gangbangs or a bukkake show with her. This is also written in this blog again and again … I think that she will not fulfill these wishes … for personal or organizational reasons. That’s just my opinion. But I’ll stay a fan … and keep hoping ; )

  9. Johnny C

    When was her last blowbang? she should make five or more cocks happy. In sucking cocks she is a true expert … bukkake for her pretty face is also a good idea. Thanks for a new ir show, which is already announced

  10. MIGUEL

    I entered the thread, I was one of the main followers, who demanded scenes from her with other boys, cost me 2 bans on twitter and a ban on the video chat for my comments, then I was very quiet to watch her first blowgangbang, then I announced internally on Skype the show with two full sex boys, and not to mention their first INTERRACIAL, hopefully surprises will bring us, for October and December that are your favorite dates to perform a show beyond the special, since each show of she is special ….. THANK YOU “CATALINA” FOR YOUR WORK, SERIOUS THOUSAND THOUSAND THANK YOU STILL WISHING TO SEE THAT ORGY SOME DAY

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