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I love inspirational stories and people who keep going no matter what lies in front of them. I was so happy last night to watch Dominick Cruz win last night against TJ Dillashaw. Many doubted Dominick because of the injuries over the years that he endured. Being in the sport of motocross for many years, I know what it is like to have someone close to you go through injuries and then they have to fight back hard to get to where they were and come back even stronger. It is not an easy task at all. It takes a lot of mental strength especially. I was rooting for him and our family screamed when the decision was read. lol I am such a sports nutso. I love anything motivating and Dominick’s story certainly is. We can use it for anything we want to do in life. If we have the will and determination, we can do it.

So, really these photos have nothing to do with MMA but maybe give some motivation in other areas:) These are a few tame shots from a new gallery that will be up for members soon. My naughty blowbang is releasing Jan. 26th. I know some of you are asking that weren’t able to attend the live cam. The whole show will be unedited and raw so you don’t miss a thing.

Make this week count and smile for me!

Catalina Cruz

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