Catalina Cruz new 4k video and virtual reality with Isiah Maxwell

Good Morning! I am very happy today as family is coming home for good from the Air Force today!! Served four years with many deployments and working hard many long hours and days on the B1 bombers and many other duties. I am so grateful that he is coming home safely and we will be together for the holidays. I foresee lots of happy tears coming this weekend. So, this holiday will be a special one for sure. If you have family serving, I completely understand the worries and how dearly you miss them. Stay strong and be there for one another.

I also am moving this weekend, the timing is awful but needs to get done. So, a lot of exciting things happening. I will be live on cam for members later today at 7pm ET. Come play with me for the hour and watch me live on cam. All my shows are archived if you are busy with the holidays, working or with your family/friends.

Here are some very tame teasers from my hot toy scene with Isiah Maxwell which is releasing tomorrow inside my members area!

I wish you all peace, happiness and lots of love. Thinking of you always! Happy Holidays! Love, Catalina Cruz

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