Catalina Cruz first ever IR Boy/Girl Live Webcam November 9, 2017

Voting is now closed for my next special live cam event. My first interracial scene won by a landslide! Gangbang came in 2nd place and threesome escort fantasy came in 3rd.

My very first interracial BBC fantasy cam event will be November 9th at 8pm ET shot LIVE on my members cam. All of my special cam events are archived in full without editing so you don’t miss a thing if you ever cannot make my shows. They usually get released very shortly after the live event. This is truly my real life. I choose everything I want to do and who it is with. No agent or company forcing me so it is way more enjoyable and my own fantasies. I can’t wait to play with Isiah in just a few weeks!

My new virtual reality sites are growing quickly. Members are getting daily updates of new videos in the network. I love spoiling you and keeping you very happy. New solo photos are going up today from my kinky office day with Richelle Ryan. Log in and enjoy! xoxo

Enjoy your life each and every day as it can change in just a blink of our eyes.

Love, Catalina Cruz

25 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz first ever IR Boy/Girl Live Webcam November 9, 2017

  1. Miguel

    Incredible, Catalina I was always the one who “harassed” you by scenes with other guys I do not know if you remember, I even won a ban on the live chats, but it was worth it, it only needs very little to see you, I will have patience , to wait your squirt, dp, orgy, bukkake and extreme gang bang, simply thank you very much, you have given me great and spectacular moments, I will follow you for a long time more, with love your fan of always MIGUEL

  2. luru94

    Ohhhhh I have been dreaming to see our favorite amateur porn star doing so nasty things. It is time to look at the performances of Catalina Cruz with a BBC, with no condomns and maybe a creampie ? We never now ….

  3. zulo

    Wow, first IR with Catalina Cruz. Really unsurpassable ! IR gangbang could be better…so what’s the what Mrs Cruz?

  4. Doc Fan

    Her decicion to realize IR action is fantastic. A lot of thanks for that. Of course would her fans also like to see an IR gangbang. Let us wait what great news this pretty milf still will have…bukkakes, dps, gangbangs….

  5. webmaster Post author

    The one thing I hope all of you realize is this is Catalina Cruz’s real life. If she decides to do a special live event with who ever it is, and what ever type of scene it is. It is because she wants to do it. Most times you see a girl doing a specific scene with one of these other companies its because they are being paid to do it, and not because they really want to do it. So the point it what you see and get with Catalina is real and not fake. She experiments with her sexuality and loves sharing it with her fans.

  6. Doc Fan

    Thanks for this true statement!
    Lets hope Catalina Cruz will share many new exciting experiments with her fans…she is unique and perfect.

  7. Mega Town SJ

    votes from fans are great. Hopefully there will soon be new gangbang presentations from her. she should maintain her career for a long time. she is currently doing great work. please continue so and many thanks

  8. NY Friends

    She indeed has a star quality! Catalina is certainly the right IR doll! She certainly has perfect bbc gangbang qualities. This would be a great scene surrounded by a horde of young black men…. also a bukkake scene with this pretty woman with such a beautiful body and the unique pretty face would be a great idea! Catalina Cruz is sooooo great!

  9. pan

    would die to see her creaming on a fucking machine with a shane diesel’s rubber cock or something bigger preferably on high speed too, to let all the creams come out, my god it would be one of the best spectacles of this century

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