Catalina Cruz erotic story time released inside my site

It is erotic story time! I have always loved writing and reading ever since I was very young. I wrote plays when I was a young teen. It is just a desire that was built in me and how my brain was born. I wrote short erotic stories and other articles when men’s magazines were very popular and there were very few websites at that time. I dearly miss it.

I have started a series that will be available for website members and on my ManyVids video store where I will read erotic short stories and perform a scene. So, Erotic Story Time 1, is now released for members and on my ManyVids clip store too. Here are some teaser photos from the first video in the series. This video I am reading an excerpt from a book entitled, “Wet”.

Enjoy and happy listening! I am live on cam today in the office at 1pm ET. The show will be archived if you are busy and out today. Love you always!, Catalina Cruz

2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz erotic story time released inside my site

  1. Sergio Konokowski

    Catalina Cruz is breaking new ground : She is now writing erotic texts. I hope she succeeds with it. But she should deal with her real talents: unfortunately she has not shown any blowbang, gangbangs, ir shows for a long time … it seems like a slow withdrawal from business …

  2. Geoff

    Everyone is asking for IR!! An IR Gangbang, IR Creampie where she screams for and because of black cock would be ultimate

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