Pretty girl with massive breasts needing some tlc in DP scene

So, I did a holiday DP scene for you! Now that is a way to start a blog! hehe It was a ski lodge resort theme where my instructors were too busy playing video games and I needed some extra attention! I got it and then some. Here are some photos from the scene. The whole video is releasing December 24th, Christmas Eve.

If you follow my blogs, I am always saying how I really like this person and that person. It is honestly rare when I come across someone I don’t like that I spend time with or work with. I’ve been lucky this way. I feel like I’m always repeating myself when I say how much I liked someone. So, when I say we LOVE Ryan McLane we truly do! Most down to earth male porn star in my opinion and with his very fit body he has reason to gloat but he it just not that type of person and I love that! Ryan normally doesn’t do double penetration so I thrilled to have him play with me this way. It is new for me too so it was extra erotic. Thank you to both Brandon and Ryan for making my day happy and oh so easy.

Christmas is sneaking up on all of us so very quickly!! I still have holiday shopping to do. Every year I say I am going to get done early and it just doesn’t end up that way. All I want for Christmas is for everyone I love to be happy and healthy. I wish it for all of us. When you don’t have your health and happiness then not much else really matters so these are the things that are most important. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday! Thank you for coming and reading what I have to say and for being supportive of my crazy adventures. Love, Catalina Cruz

3 thoughts on “Pretty girl with massive breasts needing some tlc in DP scene

  1. Aroostook Cock

    This is what I really like about you. You are not only very sexy and beautiful, but you have such a pretty heart. Always kind and encouraging things to say. Thank you!!!

  2. Clear

    Fantastic! Catalina should do a DP with couple of BBCs or a blowbang bukkake show! She is so beautiful and pretty! Thanks for the job!

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