Free custom video for you waiting inside with Catalina Cruz

Yesterday I did something a little different for my live cam show inside the members area. I talked about some news stories, so kind of a naked news session along with deep throating a banana. I am happy to report I did not choke live on cam but it did end up breaking afterwards and fell on the floor. I had lots of laughs with you plus it did get serious and we had some wonderful orgasm memories too! The whole show will be archived if you weren;t able to make it. I also posted videos on my private Snapchat story which remember you get access to when you join my site or if you don’t want to join my site, you can get access to my Snapchat on my store,

Here are some tamer teaser Snaps here on my blog. This week only if you join my site for a year, you will get a FREE 10 minute custom. Just make sure to email me after with proof that you joined, you always get an email after joining and then I will do your custom for you. Let me know what you desire and if you would like your name used in it.

I hope you are staying as happy as you can during these frustrating times. I think we are all getting antsy but please hang in there. I know it’s not easy but I believe the governors are really trying to protect us and keep more from dying or getting seriously sick.

As always I send you lots of love and hope!! Love, Love, Catalina Cruz

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