Orgasms release a chemical called DHEA | Immune system

It certainly feels like a movie right now in life with the Coronavirus taking control of our lives. As we know, events are getting postponed or canceled and we are all hitting a mode of where is this going. Even people that were skeptical in the beginning. I have no idea obviously but I feel so helpless and awful for so many lives that have been lost and for those that are sick and worried. I am being cautious yet staying calm and trying to be reasonable too because panic won’t do any of us any good.

Since I feel helpless like so many of us, I thought I would share some info with you that you may already know what it is interesting. Orgasms release a chemical called DHEA that helps balance your immune system. Maybe this is of course why they feel so good. Orgasms also relieve stress and are good for our hearts too. Endorphins are released when you have an orgasm so it can help relieve pain too. So, have fun masturbating during this time in our lives!! It is healthy for us. Just make sure to wash your hands for over twenty seconds after you are done.

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