Happy Veterans Day from Catalina Cruz

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Today is Veterans Day here in the US. I think of the freedoms we have here in the United States and without keeping our homeland safe, we might not have these freedoms. I hope that we continue to keep having the choices and freedoms that we have. While I am not one for war as many lives are lost. I do get that it is necessary so I salute you for having the courage to have done this or are currently enlisted. My hope is that our country will treat our Veterans and their families the way they should be after they have served. I think it is the right thing to do. This has always been a concern and an issue. Much love to you and thank you vets!!

Here are a few pics to brighten your day from a new set that just went up for members. Very tame tease pics:)

XoXo Catalina Cruz

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3 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day from Catalina Cruz

  1. mikesline

    i feel same way too ,my uncle is a ww2 vet and they don’t seem to do more to those who served. all we can do is thank them . so ill show him your naughty pictures if he can’t salute ill do it for him-haha
    yes mam yes !!

  2. mikesline

    nice photo set seen them yesterday ,if you were my maid ,you wood have made,cuz ill do all the work on you . muah

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