Live webcam shows from Las Vegas

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Good Morning! Rise & Shine. Starting to pack for another Vegas shoot adventure today. I have four live shows coming up. One of them being an anal sex live show as well as some other kinky things that I’ve described in detail in the members area in the Sexy Tweets section. Can my sex drive get any higher lately? I will not complain though.

ALL NEW XL CAM WINDOW Here are the dates & times of when the shows are:

Monday, November 1st at 5:00 pm est & 7:00 pm est – 7pm show will be live anal sex show!
Tuesday, November 2nd at 1:00 pm est & 3:00 pm est
** All four shows will be archived in HD if you cannot make them.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from a day on set as well as my ass to entice you to come to my live shows that are coming up. *wink*

Yesterday, I helped move my mom into another place closer to me. I’ve always been a hands on girl instead of hiring people all the time but maybe it was a bad idea. Made a little damage in the process with the living room furniture. Luckily, I was just directing the boys during this moment. In the end, it is done and mom is happy which makes me happy. I was trying to hook her up already with a man in the neighborhood already. I hope she finds a new love lol

That’s all for now. Hope to see a lot of you at my shows or at least pick one you can make it too.


Catalina Cruz

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