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Ok.. so I’m not going to lie.. I’m a little tipsy right now. It’s been a long week so lets start the weekend a little early and have one while I blog. It’s a Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Rasberry. I do not drink often at all so I have to admit this feels pretty good. Only problem I do foresee is I get horny when I drink or should I say hornier and… I might want to spell check this as well afterwards. I think Im doing pretty well so far. This is the time I would love to do a shit list but I will stay sweet and zip it

Here are some photos taken from my most recent live show day. I did a live full sex boy/girl show that day too. From comments I received some said it was one of the best shows I have done. That always encourages me to keep being naughty so keep that coming.. even if you have to lie.

I just posted on sexy tweets if you are a member who my next pornstar live cam guest will be. I wont say here though just yet.. you know I love to tease you! She is mega sexy and has beautiful breasts. I know you all will fall quickly for her. There will be three live special shows that day/night. The date will be August 16th.

Im off now to get another drink and get off this damn computer! I hope you all enjoy your weekend to the fullest!!

Much love!! Cheers!!

Catalina Cruz

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4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz party time

  1. luis


    I´m trying to join your site, but I only have an American Express credit card, and it looks like the company managing suscriptions won´t accept Amex. Any tip on what could I do? I´m a big fan!


  2. Geogia

    WE are waiting for a good bukkake scene, catalina!let some horny cocks cum on your pretty face!

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