Catalina Cruz one wild day of live action

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This past Thursday’s live shows were very sensual with Sienna. She told me I had the softest lips she ever kissed which was strange because I was thinking the same thing, that her lips were amazingly soft. So, of course I had the pleasure of many kisses throughout the day. Her body is a dream of curves, the way a women should be. There was three live shows, the first one was a solo, nude masturbation show. The second we shared a warm cock together and the last one we soaked and enjoyed one another in an outdoor Japanese soaking tub. It was an amazing day and it all happened live. All three hours will be archived unedited so you can watch them if you missed them. Lots of photos coming too. Here are a few teasers from our day together. I love bringing you your very favorite porn stars live to your home. You really get a chance to see their true personalities, nothing is scripted. It’s just real live sex.

Just look at how sexy she is!!! Yummm.


Catalina Cruz

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1 thought on “Catalina Cruz one wild day of live action

  1. Steve

    Hey Catalina,

    LOVED the solo masturbation. Every single inch of you looked delicious from those come-fuck-me-boots, up those loooooong legs, lingering round that amazing ass, spending a long long time on those mouthwatering tits, and finally staring into those deep deep soulful eyes.

    13:31 into it was mind blowing!!!

    Can’t wait for the next one!

    Kisses and licks.


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