Catalina Cruz Ready to Squirt

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It’s before 8:30am on the weekend and I have been up since around 6am. What?! There is definitely something wrong with that. Last night I went to a local high school football game. All the memories of high school came flooding back. It made me really miss my girlfriend, Amy that I went to high school with. The late night drives with boys who are parents didn’t approve or probrably wouldn’t of approved of. I was a bad girl! We had some really good times:)

Late Thursday afternoon I got some really exciting news about something I was chosen for. I am very flattered and as soon as I get the ok and it happens I will spill the beans and let you all know. I was very surprised and can’t wait to let you know. It’s actually because of all of you that have joined my site and have followed me thru the years is why this happened, so thank you. Make sure to keep coming back to my blog for details.

I just added a brand new video called “Ready to Squirt” of me in a sexy, tight fishnet mini dress doing what I do best, letting me fingers do the walking:)

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!!! Let your fingers do the walking and come play inside my members area this weekend when you are ready to play.

xoxoxo~Catalina Cruz

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