Catalina Cruz New Years Pop Shot

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to pop in and wish you all a great New Year. My wishes are for you all to have a healthy, successful and happy 2009!

Let’s start the New Year off in a relaxing way with a brand new video of me already misbehaving called “New Years Pop Shot”… as per the name it is a hardcore movie. It’s now live inside my members area.

So, the video is the good news but the bad news is I started off the New Year a little sucky by getting pulled over and I got a “Gore Point Violation” 🙁 There was an accident and many people were pulling off, doing the exact same thing that I did and he was pulling others off too. It was crazy. I didn’t even think I went over it that much, I think just where it begins, you know the white lines that start when you veer off the highway. Anyway, maybe he had to make his quota for the year or something, it was strange. Anyway, being cute and friendly didn’t cut it during the pullover. He was all business and crabby as hell. So, anyway just thought I’d share the love. Be careful out there and don’t make my dumb mistake of pulling off the highway anywhere near the gore lines.

I am in California now and I will be home Sunday. See you next week for my live show.

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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