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I hope you had a very relaxing holiday! Mine was spent with family and I cooked both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We fried a turkey. It was the first time my dad ever tasted a fried turkey and he couldn’t get enough of it. I think he is going to roll his way back to Ohio. The only thing missing was my mom. Since they are divorced, sometimes the time is split and it sucks so badly. But, the good news is she is most likely moving out here to warm AZ with me this year. I am a family girl at heart if you haven’t figured that out yet from my blogs. lol Porn & family oh it goes so well together. 🙂 Christmas day my Aunt and Uncle and cousin came over too and I seem to always find myself in an awkward conversation around holiday times because not everyone in my family knows what I do for a living so the questions start to come and god sometimes I just feel like Tony Montana from Scarface when explaining what I do, saying “oh you know this, that, construction, business… I do a lot with my hands.” lol Some family members I just would like to keep it on the down low cause they would just get too upset.

So, now it is time for another year!!! WOW!!! Where does the time go?? I cannot believe it. I have been online 10 years in just about another month! I truly hope you all have an amazing New Year with many positive things to come. Thank you for spending some time with me too. It’s been a great time!!! Who in the world knows what will happen this year. I can only imagine. I am very excited for whats to come.

My cam show from this past week is now up in my members area if you missed it. My next live show will be January, 6th.

I am leaving for California this week and then heading to Las Vegas for the AEE show and the AVN awards show as well next week. It will be a very busy couple weeks but I like it that way. I love to have my hands full. I will be taking tons of photos and videos too.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Catalina Cruz

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