Catalina Cruz Naked Pacman

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Yesterday I had another wild live cam show. I really don’t plan them out too much, just whatever happens, happens which usually means a naked guy appears wanting to get an afternoon bj:) So, this time he got more than a bj. I even played Ms. Pacman naked at the end of the show. It was a good time!! The whole show is going to be up in my members area today for those that missed it. My next live show will be Saturday, October 4th. Playboy TV will be filming this show too so make sure to come by and watch.

I just added a bunch of candid photos from my last shoot this morning too in the members area. I don’t know what the hell was so funny but I seem to be laughing in many of them.

Just an FYI… I get many of you asking if I am on Myspace, facebook…ect. No, I am not on any of them at all. This is the only place you can get a hold of me, e-mail me, post on my members area forum board, etc… The reason why is because I noticed that they all are heavily filled with young kids. A great majority of the “friend add” requests were too young. Most of the time anyway, you are waiting for the damn pages to load:) So, I just wanted to let you know cause there were people that thought they were communicating with me on Myspace and facebook and it wasn’t me.

Sending you lots of love today!!

xoxoxo~Catalina Cruz

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