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Good Morning!! So, during my live cam show yesterday we got to chatting for a bit about the bodily function sounds that sometimes go on during sex. I just couldn’t bring myself to say the word or even type the word! It is pussy f#@t. God, that word is just so ugly, not even what it is that bothers me. lol Some girls can be really vulgar and just talk about all kinds of nasty things but some things are better left in the dark. hehe So, anyways my live show was interesting and turned out to be a great time. The whole show is being archived today in the members area in case you missed it.

Here are e few of the most frequently asked questions during my live cam shows over the years that I thought I would list since sometimes the chat goes so quickly and the fact that I may be busy having sex that I don’t get to them all the time…

1. Is this show live? Yes, my cam shows are always live. I never play a recorded tape.

2. What size are your breasts? 32D

3. Do you do anal and do you enjoy it? Yes, I have done anal on cam and in videos before and I enjoy it if I am very turned on.

4. Where do you live? I am originally from Ohio and now live in Arizona.

5. Are you bi-sexual? Yes, I consider myself bi because I am attracted to women very much, although I have never been in a romantic relationship with a woman.

6. Do you answer your own e-mails? Yes, I do. always! No one will ever write you back pretending to be me.

7. Have you ever met your members before? Yes, I have in person before at adult conventions and just out and about sometimes.

8. What type of show is this going to be? The majority of my shows are boy-girl sex shows and solo toy shows. I also have my girlfriend guests over sometimes too.

9. Do you squirt? I am an oozer when I orgasm and I am aroused 24-7 lately:) I have squirted before but not very often.

10. Do you take requests? Yes, I do requests. A lot of girls get annoyed by this and I think even the bouncers in the chat get annoyed too but I actually like when you make requests and I will do as many as I can during my shows, just know I cannot possibly do them all. So, if you want a close up of certain body parts or whatever just ask nicely and you will get want you desire:)

My next live cam show will be Wednesday, December 10th.

Have a good one today!!!

Love, Catalina

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