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I hope your Thanksgiving day was relaxing. My family is still here staying with me. I have been playing Auntie Catalina for the past few four days. My niece is just about walking, it’s adorable. I am the type though that gets the kids hyper and excited. We were playing chase crawling all over the house. I taught her the itsy bitsy spider song 🙂 I play several roles in my life and I truly love being with family.

Switching gears dramatically here… my live cam show is coming next week, Wednesday, Dec 3rd. There was a big mix up of when my next show was which in ten years has happened just a few times. My members area showed Dec. 3rd and CamZ showed this past Wednesday because I had forgot to change it over there too. So, anyways… I am sorry for the mix up and I will enjoy your spankings on Dec. 3rd at my live cam show. I will come willing and ready 🙂 🙂

Exciting news…. I have been officially nominated for an AVN award this year, for Web Starlet of the Year! This is the very first year that they have new internet categories. I would of never thought I’d ever be being considered for getting a “porn” award in my life and feel very proud of it too 🙂 I am a girl who was shy to watch porn before I got into the business. I secretly enjoyed it but to actual do it on camera I would of thought never in a million years. A huge thanks to, and of course the AVN staff for the nomination. They all did hundreds of reviews from what I read so it’s really flattering to be considered. Wish me luck, the awards are in January in Vegas. If you follow the link on my blog, you can look into it. I also will be signing and meeting people at the AEE show going on in Vegas too Jan. 9th to the 11th. As soon as I know my schedule I will post it.

Have a good Black Friday! I will skip shopping today and go on Monday. I was out a bit already today and it’s a zoo but that is a good thing for the economy, I was happy to see lots of people out and about.

xoxo Catalina

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