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My live cam show from yesterday is now archived in HD with a huge 1080 window size.  I gave the camera man a relaxing blowjob and enjoyed myself of course afterwards too.  I heard through the grapevine that viewers said it was one of the best shows they have ever seen. Well, I dont know about that, you’ll have to judge for yourself and see the whole show.

Here is a very short taste of the show yesterday. Members log in to see the whole show if you missed it. I cant wait to start my live  sybian cam with this brand new camera. The quality is even more amazing than what I had before. 

On another thought that has nothing to do with sex and very serious. I was watching intervention last night. It was an episode about anoxeria and sadly even after a lot of treatment, the family had to let go because she wasnt able mentally to get better.  There are some girls in the adult business that I worry about when I see photos and videos and their ribs are dangerously showing and their legs are as skinny as thin arms.  Curves are so amazingly beautiful to me, thats what makes a woman in my opinion. Have you seen the Victoria Secret ads this year?? wow! A young family member even asked me if I noticed how extremely thin the models are this year. It seems that very think look is making a comeback and I wish lingerie  and clothing companies would think before they did this. This is exactly what young women are comparing themselves to. It’s awful. Love your curves and yourself.  Dying to be quote “beautiful” is just not worth it.

My thoughts are all over the place, but that is just how my life is.  One moment I am a family girl and the next an adult entertainer.

Sending lots of love! My next live show will be Monday, April 26th. Hope to see you there!

Catalina Cruz

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5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz HD 1080 cam shows

  1. Mike

    Agreed about “too skinny”. Shapely tennis player legs (tight but round calves plus thigh muscles that cut in right above the knee when straight and flexed) are hot.

    Skin streched over bones is scary

  2. Sugo

    weon!!! peazos de teta maraka culia XD weon te hago una rusa y pierdo la pichula 🙁 vente pa mi casa y te hago cagar el corta churro, y despues nos pegamos una ducha y me jabonai la poronga con la lengua :D!

  3. donluisdelacosa

    You have to also consider that if there are girls in porn that are that sickly thin, there must be guys that find that attractive, which is in and of itself dangerous. I’d hate to think that the taste in women was swinging back towards the Kate Moss era. Hopefully, people will wake up and see the deliciousness in curves };)

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