Catalina Cruz B-day cam show

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It’s 10:30am and it feels like its the afternoon already. I ran about a mile and a half early this morning and I feel great. My endurance has increased quite a bit. I use to start running and after a few minutes I’d be dying. I would just concentrate on light weights. I noticed a huge difference in my energy level when I kick up the cardio and my sex drive goes through the roof.

My sex drive was kicked into over drive during my last live cam show. If you missed it, I archived it so you can see all the nonsense that happened. It was a birthday theme show because this Sunday is my birthday so I thought I’d share it with you. So everyone that was at the show saw me being my usual very naughty self in a boy/girl sex show, then afterwards I was treated to a little cake with a candle that played b-day music that I proceeded to drop onto my laptop! Frosting all on my keyboard. It was such a treat to try to get out after the show:) Then at the very end of the show I was feeling giddy and Brandon dared me to do a nude cannon ball into my pool outside. So, if you get a chance watch this show. My next live show is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th. I just got a new haircut yesterday. I love it and feel sexy & frisky, thanks to Jason at the salon I go to for hooking me up with a sexy cut. It’s a little longer version of Jenny McCarthy’s bob cut where it’s shorter in the back and longer in the front.

Now on to a topic close to my heart…Some people are e-mailing me about what I want for my birthday. I honestly have a great life and don’t need gifts. I like them though:) If you really insist though I would like for you to maybe donate whatever you can to a cause that I have quietly been involved with over many years, domestic violence. Here is a link to the National Domestic Violence Hotline Million Voices campaign where you can Join and it is easy and free of charge if you prefer not to donate. Help us achieve the goal of ONE MILLION members, and give America a million reasons to end domestic violence.

Click Here to help end Domestic Violence>>

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! I plan to spend my b-day with family and have a pool party.

Sending you lots of love!!!

xoxoxo~Catalina Cruz

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