Catalina Cruz Web Starlet of the Year

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We did it!!! I won the AVN award for 2009 Web Starlet of the Year! I am dedicating this award to all of you that have followed me on the web and all of the members who have spent their hard earned money on joining my website. I never thought I’d be getting an award for having a porn site ever!! I feel so happy, grateful and honored. It’s nice to be recognized for all the years of work. In February, we will be celebrating ten years online so this was a nice way to start the celebration 🙂 I just really wanted to thank you all and of course AVN!!! This is really motivating and this year I can promise to give even more and keep going. I am planning several special live events for you and special movies too.

Here are some candid photos from the awards show and my trip to Vegas over this past weekend. I took tons of photos which are in the members area already for you.

The best news though is that my makeup artist and girlfriend who traveled with me is nine months pregnant did NOT go into labor 🙂 I was ready just in case though. I did some reading on delivering a baby before we left. lol I wasn’t sure if she should go but she really wanted to. Thank you Morgan!!

Thanks again for all the love and here’s to more years of online sex!!!!!!

xoxo~Catalina Cruz

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