Catalina Cruz AVN 2009 Blooper

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Slip of the nip in this video that was taken at the AVN adult convention this past January. Hope you all are having a good week! This week has been a busy one. Tuesday I was in LA for the day. The flight home was a bumpy one to where I was praying so I am very grateful to be home 🙂 lol I will be posting tons of behind of scenes soon from Tuesday. A new video is also coming your way called “Super Wet Tease”. Just check my whats new page in the members area for the newest updates!

Smile for me!!!

Love, Catalina Cruz

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6 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz AVN 2009 Blooper

  1. TikiDude

    Those things are so big it’s gotta be hard to hide the nip all the time 🙂 cute! Glad to hear you made it back to AZ safely, those bumpy plane rides are never fun!

    I’m looking forward to the behind the scenes photos!! And the new video wet tease!!!! And I’m looking forward to your wax figure – LOL!!!

  2. scott

    I Loved that outfit Catalina. I guest your nipples what come out and play Catlaina. Lol. Can’t wait see
    behind of scenes and your new Video.

  3. Shawn

    Ya know what I love about you? You are innocently sexy, if that makes sense. Most porn girls would have just popped out their boobs if that happened. You don’t try too hard to get attention and I love that, makes you even hotter!

  4. Lilkim

    Too cute, girl. Just love your personality, you seem so sweet. Howe the hell did you end up in porn? You need to be doing mainstream too.

  5. Dan Thomas

    Dear Catalina; I want to have a child with you. I know you never met me but I am a hansome poor man. . Exacting revenge on the homosexual environmentalists and abusive know it all college professors is the reason I plan to make a baby.I live in St George,,six miles from Arizona…………… you,,,,,,,,,,,,,all the best……………….from…………………Dan

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