Easter Bunnies Catalina Cruz and Kirsten Price

Happy Easter if you celebrate it! I’m not the church type kind of girl. But, with that being said, when I was little Easter was my favorite holiday along with Christmas. My cousin and I always thought we heard the Easter bunny hopping around downstairs late at night. “Did you hear that?! I swear I hear something!” I would whisper to my cousin. “Shut up! you are not hearing anything.” lol

Kirsten Price calls herself a nerd at heart. She is the world’s sexiest nerd if I ever saw one. Here are a few tame teaser pics of our live show day together in Vegas. Kirsten knows how to take control during sex too, I love that! No faking it, she loves sex just like me:) This will go down as one of my all time favorite live shows. If you missed the show, it is now available for members in full.

The month of April is sneaking up on us and I have a special live show that I will be announcing in the next few days for members. My next live solo chat will be Tuesday, April 2nd at 7pm est.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lil bunnies!!


Catalina Cruz

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