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This is a week of giving Thanks.  I just wanted to let you all know that follow me on the web and are or have been members of my sites over the years just how very grateful I am that you choose to play with me. There are just an overwhleming array of adult sites on the net so I know there are lots to choose from & I am so extremely grateful that you come to mine.

My little overnight trip to Vegas was one of the best I have had in a long time. Its amazing what just one night can do for the soul and the fact that if you have a good night of gambling, it doesnt give you the time to give it back to the casino. You are in and out quickly.  The UFC fights were a great time, I took a risk and bet on Forrest Griffin. I knew it would be very close and really wasn’t sure so it was dumb luck this time for me. 

While I was at the fight , we had some eye candy sitting in front of us with a sparkling, short, tight mini dress on. She was flying on something and was shaking her ass in front of us the whole time begging for it from anyone that look her way. She kept whistling really loud over and over and of course I knew it was coming… a couple in front of her blew up and had to tell her to stop. So, we had a little mini UFC fight in front of us.  Entertaining yet annoying cause we were so focsued on the fights. Well, there is a lot of truth to people looking differently in the dark and also having a few drinks cause we ended up seeing her afterwards after the fights were over in the light and OMG… she looked like a completely different person. I dont like to make fun of others but she was very busted. Advice… stay of the drugs!! It so shows when you do them.

Anyway…In honor of Turkey day here are my breasts:)  A close up shot of my Cruz missiles from my last live cam show. 

Enjoy your holiday. I hope you have a very relaxing Thanksgiving!


Catalina Cruz

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  1. Pedro

    Catalina, your Cuz missiles are hot. I would like to see them but the link inside your site doesn’t works. Would you email me please so I could see you live someday?

    A hug.

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