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I am a stripper pole virgin 🙂 I was on a stripper pole actually for the very first time at my last shoot. I loved it!! I felt so sexy and now I understand the craze. I’ve always enjoyed going to strip clubs and watching the sexy girls strut their stuff and work the pole, just never have danced at a club myself. I’ve been asked to feature dance and just never did. The music we had playing made me so turned on and it was a great time.

I just added a brand new sexy gallery for you called “Pole Seduction” and my cherry was popped by the pole! Here is a sample photo above of me having fun on the pole. Hope you will enjoy the whole nude juice bar gallery.

My next live cam show is this coming Thursday! Hope too see you there. Early next week I am going to LA to shoot a magazine cover (YAY!!) and of course being naughty for you too. I’ll make sure to get lots of behind the scenes as well.

It’s wild weenie Wednesday today too!!! Make sure to relax with one of my hardcore weenie videos 🙂 Stay happy this week and relax when you can.


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5 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz virtual stripper

  1. TikiDude

    I’m not worthy!
    I’m not worthy!

    That pic is waaayyyyy hotttt catalina! I cannot wait to get home from work, log into the members area, and check out this pole seduction gallery. Plus, I’ll have to watch you take on a big weenie since it’s wild weenie Wednesday!

  2. TikiDude

    Okay, I decided to check this new gallery out on my phone…. Wow! Very wow! I especially liked the last 10 pictures or so where you are really giving it to the pole. Plus the shot of you leaning back with your hair draped down- sexy!

    Keep up the good work, and good luck with the mag cover shoot. I’m sure you’ll knock’em dead, or at least rock hard!

  3. Shawn

    I would pay you dearly to watch you dance in person. You would rock the strip clubs around the country. btw… wtf was up with the bitches in your cam show today? Jealousy and envy come with the territory, Cat. Keep it up, just know it may get worse. Kill them with kindness babe.

  4. Toni

    Wow is right! Great stuff.. In which mag will you appear and when? I have to get it. I would LOVE to see more of Brandon Michaels too! Does he have a list of movies he has appeared in? Keep it Hot baby!!! Love, Toni

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