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Getting back into my routine is hard to do after being away for a week in California. Usually when I go I never have time to visit beaches and just be a tourist so this trip was nice because I was able to do that. I really enjoyed Coronado beach area a lot. It was the first time I did real camping too in my toy hauler in the mountains on an Indian reservation. The first night was trippy to me because we were there really early for a race before anyone else got there so it was quite eery to be there alone at night. There was an animal walking on top of the toy hauler that night and I swear it sound big like a bear but I think my mind was running wild on me. I felt like a little girl again scared under the covers. Needless to say, I was happy when the sun came up. It was a good getaway from it all. I did feel a bit lost without being connected to the web constantly. Up there the connection was almost nonexistent. I needed it though.

On a complete different thought..It was good for me to be away while the verdict was read in the Casey Anthony trial. My faith is the justice system is so low right now. In my opinion you don’t need a photo of her actually doing the suffication to get a guilty verdict. I do not think the jurors were properly instructed at all. I was also another person that got caught up emotionally in the trial and case for years and I am just conmpletely dumbfounded that she is walking away from this.

In any event I am so happy to be getting back to what I love to do. I missed playing with you and guess what? I’ll be live for my members tonight at 8pm est! I’ll also be available for private shows after my members show to go one on one with you. I’ll have the sybian and lots of toys with me tonight. Here is the link to go private with me later from 9pm est and on.


Catalina Cruz

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  1. Howard

    Have an adult website I want to start. Wondering (1) who did your sites and (2) are you interested in being part of another one?


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