Catalina Cruz stocking fetish

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Some of my most memorable orgasms and sexual encounters have been when I was wearing pantyhose. I especially remember how wet I was one time when I was wearing regular pantyhose, the kind that are full to the waist with no panties on of course. I got so turned on that I ripped them open. So I guess you can say I have a huge stocking fetish that I need to play with more.

In honor of this here is a sample pic of a new kinky photo gallery that just went live for members called, “Nylon Obsession” Lots of pink shots that you love and of course my lips very swollen cause I am so aroused. I think you will give this one the thumbs up. Remember you can rate all my photos and videos and leave comments too so I know what you are thinking. I love reading them!

On this note, I leave you tonight in hopes that you will join me for some play inside my members area of course… well what other option do you have, you came this far:) hehe

Have a relaxing night everyone!!


Catalina Cruz
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2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz stocking fetish

  1. Thomas Brokekaw

    Dear Catalina: Fantastic,You ladies look sooo good in nylons. U deserve hundreds of compliments! I always look extremely forward to your blogs and they are always arrousing. Like the movie Public Enemies,,Johnnie Depp has a hardon for his nightclub girlfriend Ms. Fhachette !! U look like a gangster girl nylons,,and my pants are bulging………….loveya……from….Thomas

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