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Home from Sin City once again. This was the yearly trip for the last round of Supercross that my family goes to every year. That was the main reason for the trip. So mostly play. Would you believe me if I told you in the tome I was there for three night, four days. I only had one drink! People are always surprised that I don’t drink a lot when I go to Vegas. I have learned to have a blast without it. Not to say that I never have a wild night but it was nice to feel great every single day and do lots of other things. We went to Pole Position next to the Palms Place. It’s an indoor go kart race track built for racers by racers. Two of the owners happen to be some of my very favorite pro motocross riders too. So, it was nice to get out away from the computer and do many other things. Get away from my website obsession for a few days.

Here are some sample photos of one of my newest kinky glamour sets shot by Holly Randall. I love how clear and crisp they are straight out of the camera. She is a keeper for a photographer. 🙂

Remember, May 19th Rachel Roxx will be joining me live on cam to get dirty with me so make sure you are a member by then. I also have a live solo show this week on Thursday at 9pm est

Good to be back playing with you! See you soon!


Catalina Cruz

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16 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz sin city

  1. BoobsToday

    Holly Randall is truly one of the best working today. The combination of her lens plus your pretty face plus your outstanding boobs is can’t-miss. I am hoping you will collaborate more in the future.


  2. Frederic

    Catalina, you are realy a little tidbit! You have any idea how many men would like to f… you?? Show us more boy/girl scenes in the foreseeable future! Cum for every part of your perfect body. Jizz for your nice face, Catalina!

  3. OK-KO

    This wonderful girl should do more hardcore! Whats about sex with more than one man? Or just bj scenes with two or three cocks, Catalina?! Think about it!!!

  4. Joey

    Was this naughty person ever been fucked by a black dude?? How deals Catalina with black cocks? Are there any photoshootings with her where she is splashed by black mens jizz????

  5. Luis

    Dear Lady,

    very nice & wonderful pics!!!You seem so, so hot and delicate.

    I adore your feet!!! Kisses on they

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