Catalina Cruz & Sienna West

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Do you think Sienna West will pass her Licensed to Lick test this coming Saturday with me? I’ve seen her long tongue in action many, many times. I just haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying it first hand. So, I just have to test her skills. So, I am off to lala land for a shoot this weekend. Besides having to administer a licking test, I will also be broadcasting live from the shoot too. So my live cam show will be Saturday, October 4th at 6pm est. Playboy TV will be there all day following me behind the scenes to be aired in January!

I hope you all are hanging in there with our lovely economy. It’s amazing that the house of reps couldn’t come to an agreement yet… left town and will not be getting back together until Thursday. I am certain if the future of the country was in my hands so to speak I would not be leaving town for a few days. I think it should of been worked on immediately. I am sure the changes didn’t take this long to make. It’s absurd and ridiculous. I just thought I’d make a short comment on that quickly because it’s obviously on most people’s minds right now.

I am thinking of you and trying to bring some cheer to you. Think of Sienna and I on Saturday and very soon you will be able to view our naughty photos and watch our kinky video! 🙂

Much Love!!


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