Catalina Cruz Pornstar Loser Checklist

I now have a new responsibility as I am learning the back end of things in the online adult world. I have always known how to edit videos and now I cut them all up into pieces and get them ready for promotion so all of YOU can find my dirty little website:) I am now on a roll and made fifty yesterday and today. I love that I learning new things still. These things always appear to be harder than they actually are, it is just tidious work but I am detailed oriented so it doesn’t bother me too much.

So, anyway my point is somewhere but I got off on a talking roll. So, as I was working the other day a friend in the business sent me this awful Top Ten Pornstar Loser checklist. I was going to post it here on my blog but failed to because I find it too mean spirited and just don’t have the balls (literally) to do it. but…. I did post it inside my members area on the Fantasy Forum board if you want to take a peek. The list is sad but true and kind of funny too.

Hope all is well with everyone. Just wanted to brighten up your day and pop in.

Catalina Cruz

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