Catalina Cruz Orgasmic Sex Session

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I cooked out on my grill last night and made homemade fries. Thats my weakness among many things, potatoes. I just love them! Now, to work it all off, I am going to go for a long run and then a weight workout. The temperature dropped here in AZ because of the monsoon storms so it’s really pleasant and a bit cooler. I’m loving the change.

Yesterday afternoon I had an orgasmic sex session, that I much needed. Brandon and I took a break from our daily routine and played around and had some hot fantasies going while I was on top, I really enjoy being on top:) Sorry to say the camera was not around for this one though. I did just add a brand new boy-girl video though called “Wake up Dick!” hehe We will be live on cam Tuesday, September 2nd at 1:00pm est too.

I went to lunch with my girlfriend, Vanilla again. She does tons of live cam shows too on the cam network that I am a part of so make sure to pop into her shows as well to say hi too. She is beyond a total sweetheart, down to earth yet wild and god those boobies are begging for some love from me. haha We had a good time and after lunch we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, I had a sweet tooth. I kind of went nuts in there and got all kinds of treats. They have HUGE massive peanut butter cups!!

On a side note…If you came to my site yesterday afternoon trying to log in to my members area or trying to join and it was down for a bit, it was due to some server upgrades we were doing so I apologize for that. It’s all for the better though. Just thought I would mention that if you were wondering. I am off now…. hopefully I will back up my word now and still go for that run I said I was going to do:( I know… Just do it!




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