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I keep receiving these kinds of e-mails over the years as well as postings sometimes on my fantasy board over the years. I decided to post one of them as well as respond to it here on my blog. Here is the letter I got in my inbox below and my response:

“Dear Ms. Cruz,

I don’t approve of the industry which you are a part of, but I respect of its people, and I don’t think of them as evil, though I may think the choices are. I’m not someone looking to bash or judge, but I just want to ask why do what you do? Do you ever consider the consequences? Do you consider the right and the wrong? Do you truly believe what you do is acceptable for yourself and those who view you? We are all adults here and are free to make any choice we wish to make. But whether its right or not is always up for debate. Do you have God in your life, what do you think of faith, religion, afterlife, heaven, hell, all that jazz? What do you think of people who criticize the industry and its members?

I know this is a lot and they are personal questions. I’m trying to understand what goes on inside the minds of people in the adult industry. I know you and everyone else are regular people, making a living. I’m gonna be frank and say I believe it’s sinful, but I know there’s plenty of good in everybody. Like I said, I’m not trying to judge, insult, or waste your time. I want to be informed, from your perspective, because you make choices and live with them.

If it’s not too much to ask, could you write me back and answer these questions frankly and honestly. It would be much appreciated. Thank you, and God Bless

My response…

Dear Matt,

Over the years, I have gotten many letters just like yours of people trying to understand why we do what we do for a living and what is going through our minds. I am by no means a lobbyist for the adult industry. I would probrably be considered conservative in our industry considering the extremes of porn that their are.

I have chosen to be in the sex industry for some different reasons… I was not happy with the office jobs that I was doing. I wanted to be my own boss someday. I honestly was attracted to the high end glamour porn videos that I watched. I loved the hair, makeup and was interested in how it all worked and of course it aroused me. I had met an incredible couple in Michigan early on that ran an adult website who were two of the most down to earth, kindest people you’d ever come across and seemed sincerely happy and were doing well financially. On the way home, that is when I decided to go ahead and start a website.

Yes, I consider all the consequences because unfortunately to many adults sex is still taboo and considered sinful. What amazes me is some of those same people support war and the world is full of violence. I have lost some friends, dirty looks from neighbors, gossip, lawsuits and have lost some family too. On the other hand, I found new friends, unconditional love from close family members, and happiness! I am not a judgmental person so if someone doesn’t like what I do then so be it. I will not go to your doorstep and give you a pamphlet on my website and encourage you to join. Which is what happens often here in Arizona, solicitation of different religions is rampant. Let me pray in the privacy of my own home and my own time.

No, not everyone is going to find what I do acceptable and that is okay. I have come to accept the judgment. I love my job and I am not ashamed of what I have become.

In an ironic way, being in the adult industry has taught me a lot about life and people. I am actually more confident about my body and self than I ever have been. So, in ending I hope this sheds a little light on my thoughts. Take care and have fun in life!


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2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz open letter

  1. TommyT

    Hey you… You pulled my post! Truth hurts. I’m sorry. I hope you got it Catalina. Please listen to reality! Think, think, think…. I love you!


  2. webmaster Post author

    Your truth is what you want to believe how my life is and why things are the way they are. If you want to talk about truth, then why don’t you e-mail me directly and tell me who you really are and stop making false postings under different names, you know the ips give it away:) For you to try and post such very personal things about my life publicly shows your character and there are only just a very small handful of people that know that information and it’s very simple to find out. I hope you will take the time to really think about what you posted and just worry about your own life. I can guarantee you have no room for any judgement, really no one in life does.

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