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I am still recovering from the weekend. I am weak when it comes to partying or even staying up really late. After the live cam show Saturday night, I finally got home at 4am Sunday! Just in time to get some rest before Super Bowl Sunday. *sigh* I can’t even bring myself to talk about the loss. I am proud of the Cardinals though!! It was an exciting game and brings my dislike for the Steelers to a whole new level. Some of my closest friends are Pittsburgh fans so if any Steelers fans are reading this don’t take it personal. *wink* You guys just have some really MEAN players on your team. ok… I am done. *sigh* But, I know, I know they won so ok… Congrats.

So, Saturday night was one to remember. Brandon is not one to dance and he was dancing his ass off a lot of the night. I was impressed with his hip grinding. We were all so silly… I apologize to “Corvette” for my very silly, horny, drunken message I left you on your cell phone. It was a dare and I took it:) I felt like I was back in high school for awhile. It felt good to let loose and have fun.

If you missed my live girl – girl cam show from Saturday. It will be up in my members area today. My next live show is tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 4th at 12 noon est.

This coming weekend I have a two day shoot. Lela Star is coming on Sunday. I am so happy I get to stay in AZ this time! No flying:)

Thats all for now. Back to work and then in a few hours I am going to visit my girlfriend who just had a baby! I can’t wait to see the new little guy!

Hope your week is going smooth so far. Smile for me!

Catalina Cruz

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7 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz naked

  1. Daniel

    Come on my web starlet of the year don’t be sad for the super bowl, you only have to be proud of your team because the cardinals almost win the game when Fittzgerald scored the TD in the final 2 minutes. In 2010 they will win. So now, have a good week and take care ¿promise me? !oh¡ in the photo you look very very sexy and beautyful, well as allways. Kisses for you.

  2. TikiDude

    Well, overall it was a really good game which proves that both teams are really good. Fans of both should be proud, but especially those Pittsburgh fans…

    Missed your boy-girl show last night, hope it went well. Will have to check it out when you post it to your site.

    Oh yeah, good luck this weekend, tell Lela I said “hi” 🙂

  3. James

    Hey Catalina, Do you do private shows? I’d love to go one on one with the great one! 🙂 I’ll shoot you an e-mail. You are by far the hottest girl on the web in my eyes.

  4. Jen

    You are hot girl! Your breasts are amazing if you don’t mind me saying. Stay beautiful inside and out. I love reading what you are up to. Love, Jenny

  5. Jared

    Good to see you have opened up comments. I’ve been a huge fan and member for a long time now. Keep it up and I wish you more success! You are one classy lady. How did you ever end up a web pornstar??

  6. mmss

    wow you are very beatiful and sexy i really love you ,your body is very bretty i love your tits and boobs

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