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Here are some recent smutty self shots from my phone for you. I still cannot believe my phone is still with us after I dropped it in the pool! If you ever do this, make sure to take it apart and place everything in dry rice covered or sealed and let it dry out for a day or two. Mine took twenty four hours and poof! it was like a magic show. It is back in business. I would like to thank all my twitter folllowers for this tip. You all rock! The internet is truly the best!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Vegas! I will make sure to tweet my adventures while I’m away. I am having two special live events with the sexy Brandy Aniston on Wednesday, the 31st at 5pm and 7pm est in my members area. Come to our live brunette sex bash and watch us be kinky. I make sure my shows are very clear and in HD with audio so you don’t miss a trick. *wink* We hope to see you there!! Take a mid hump week break with us.

I hope these pics keep you smiling. I always say it but life IS too short and you never know when it can be taken away. I try to never take for granted each day so let’s make this coming week a happy and productive one.


Catalina Cruz

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