Catalina Cruz Live from Las Vegas

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Let’s start the New Year off with a bang! I am well rested, my batteries are fully recharged after I took a little time off during the holidays.  To thank all of you that have followed me throughout the years I have planned two special girl/girl LIVE cam shows on January 14th & 15th.

See in the details below. If you haven’t yet tasted my website, now it the time. I will be bringing all of my members special live events very often this year. The theme of 2010 is Catalina Cruz LIVE!

Happy New Year!


Catalina Cruz

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3 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Live from Las Vegas

  1. Hugh janus

    Just found your website on my mobile,i’m sat at work bored outta my mind,it’s freezing cold in the UK and you have just warned me up. I would like you to dress in a police officers uniform and wrestle with me in a barrel full of marshmallows whilst you hit me across my bare ass with a table tennis bat full of drawing pins! Whats the chances of this happening? We could leave out the drawing pins if you want.

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