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I went to another motocross race last night. This was suppose to be one of the larger local races and it was dead. A lot of the classes has no riders in them which are normally packed. It was eerie strange. The weather was a nice change though for riding because it was unusually cloudy so they didn’t have to deal with the heat.  It’s a two night race so I will be there again tonight.

This morning I am off to get my nails done and my tootsies done. Prepping for Las Vegas. *wink* I will be doing a LIVE cam show from Las Vegas on Tuesday, June 23rd at 7:00pm est.  We have a shoot going on and I thought why not do a cam show too towards the end of the shoot day and bring you all with me on the road. 

Here is a thumbnail from my last live broadcast which is now up in the archive section if you missed it.

See you all soon in Sin City:)


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4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz live cam

  1. Catalina Cruz Post author

    No, I am not on facebook or myspace at all. Just a fyi for everyone. You can only find me on my site or on twitter. Sorry if there was any confusion. I’ll have to contact facebook. xoxo

  2. Dan Thomas

    Hi Catalina; U R rite,,masterbation works best for a sleepless nite. I pound my cock when I can’t sleep. Someday to get back at the environmentalist we should have a child. That would be great for u to post your blog updates about your progress on a new child ! Just think how pissed off Al Gore would be and the Aluminatti ! …………loveyou………..from………..Dan

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