Catalina Cruz Lela Star pics

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Catalina Cruz Lela Star
It’s Monday and it’s rainy and cold out but I am still very warm all over from playing with Hot, petite diva Lela Star yesterday. We are going to give you all a Valentine’s Day to remember 🙂 She was my little cupcake yesterday and it was all my pleasure to lick all the frosting off. So, my weekend was very eventful and fun! I will admit though I am exhausted and sore, it was two long days but oh so good. Lela is extremely feminine, just the way a girl should be. She has the cutest, sexiest laugh too! I cannot say enough about her. You all are going to go nuts over her!! In the next fifteen to twenty minutes members will get access to her official website, which is now open.

Besides all the sexual pics and video we shot, I also did a public service announcement for parents encouraging them (perhaps you) to use parental filtering software on your computers to keep kids safe online. It will be out by the end of this month. Something I have always felt strongly about.

Here is a pic of Lela, Brandon and I behind the scenes, Brandon looks pretty happy to be in the middle 🙂 This was before we shot our video. We took a lot of behind the scenes pics, glamour XXX photos, a hot kinky hardcore video too that we be going up in the members area very soon.

Hope your Monday started out smooth. My next live cam show is this coming Wednesday, the 11th.

Love~Catalina Cruz

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4 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Lela Star pics

  1. TikiDude

    Wow – I’m excited to see the footage and Lela’s new site. Hopefully you’ve posted this cute laugh she has somewhere on it for us members to hear!

  2. Zdawg

    You two look like you could be related in some ways. Hot Latin tamales! I can’t wait to see you two together.

  3. Lilkim

    Brandon!!! I love you. My husband and I love when you join Catalina in her live shows. Just wanted to show some love. Stay sweet.

  4. susan

    Brandon.. My girlfriends and I love you! We want to see you in more videos. Please make this happen… We actually want to see more of you with other lusty ladies. Please keep us posted if you are at any appearances or have any new video releases. Tell Catalina she needs to share you!!! How about a dedicated site for you?

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