Catalina Cruz Intercourse, PA?

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I reunited with a close friend from Ohio recently. She is a corporate travel agent (very sexy I may add) and today she just booked some business traveler to “intercourse” Pa. Now, this is difficult for a woman who has a sex filled mind to keep her composure. This is part of what she wrote me “…what the heck. I wonder what the state motto is for that location….hmmmmmmm…..I love the world of corporate travel”. I actually thought she was just joking with me until I googled it and it is a real city with the population of 1000 people. But then she mentioned he was staying at a place called “The Come onin”…. ok thats where she took it too far. lol

She has such a uplifting personality and is genuinely funny and just one of those people you would love to be around. Not fake for attention kind of funny which you find a lot of in the adult industry. It’s refreshing to have friends like this. I love to laugh, laughter is the best cure for anything.

Today was a great day. I started it bright and early with a long run on an indoor track with some good tunes playing. I got some work done and I ate right so I feel strong and sexy:) Tomorrow I have a video shoot which we will be filming some initmate naughty home videos.

I had a live cam show yesterday which was crowded surprisely for a morning daytime show. I was happy to see so many showed up to see me get naked. I will be archiving the show by tomorrow if you missed it.

Sending you all love and good thoughts!


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