Catalina Cruz Happy Holidays!

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Woah… I came here to wish you all a very Happy Holiday and  there was a comment waiting to be approved calling me a stupid cunt and hoping I would get fuck in the ass by ten guys at once. well, that was such a sweet holiday wish to read! wow! … anyway I love you all… well maybe not all but even so I want to wish you a very, very Happy Holiday filled with good health, happiness and success.

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I will be live on cam this coming Thursday, December 17th at 4pm est. Afterwards, I will be available for private one on one live shows on or Please come see me and spend some special one on one time with me for the holidays! I dont do privates often so I hope to see you.

Thats all for now. Sending you all a lot of lovin’

Catalina Cruz

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7 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz Happy Holidays!

  1. Sewerurchin

    Geez, the vocal minority are an embarassment to civilization. Hope you and your loved ones and family enjoy even half as much joy/happiness that you create/provide for your fans.
    Much respect to you for your convictions, conduct, and raising a child.

  2. Mike S,

    Thank you Catalina! , likewise hope you have a wonderful time for the holidays. Merry Chirtmas and a happy New Year =]


  3. Joseph

    I’m writing to you catalina to say that it is merry christmas, not happy holidays. I’m doing this because I wish for people to know why we have christmas and hope that you will one day meet our lord Jesus and that you would come to believe in him and his love he has for you. I mean he died for you so you could be saved and loved if you just open your heart to god. i’m not trying to preach or anything bad.

    catalina, I really like you so very much and I actually care about you a great deal even though I don’t know you. you are truly so very beautiful, special and so very precious. I so wish I could meet you and talk with you and get to know you. I want to hug you and hold you so very much and share my heart with you. you are so very special, you have no idea how previous you are.

  4. spanky bri

    Happy Holidays to you Catalina! It sucks that someone would go to all the trouble of leaving offensive comments at such a time of year.

    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Keep up the amazing work!


  5. Loukas

    That’s was a very cruel thing to wish you for Christmas. I think a much better wish would be a faithful, kind man who loves you for who you are, who stays with you through thick and thin, and who wants “to grow old” with you. That’s what I hope you’ll find, since that’s where enduring joy and pleasure are found.

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