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A brand new pro photoset is now up for my members. I already posted a few teasers but here are a few more. I love red lips. I always feel so sexy because I normally don?t wear dark lips everyday. I just want to suck on something when they are redSmile emoticon

If you follow me on twitter just a thank you for always keeping up with me and caring about issues I bring up or talk about on twitter other than sex. It’s really nice to know you like hearing the other things I have going on in my life or that are important to me. I truly have some great people who follow me. Today I wanted to talk about bullying and tweeted a quote that a teen has written on her mirror. I just love the message it says… “I got more heart in this tiny little body, than you do in your great big army.” I was always really petite and small growing up and I think others at times take advantage of that. Its even harder for boys as well when you are tiny. Having a big heart and drive is huge and will take you far. If you take all that bullying and turn it into drive you’ll be so successful and leave the bullies behind.

That?s all for now. I’ll be live Tuesday, May 29th. Hope to see you there!!!


Catalina Cruz

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2 thoughts on “Catalina Cruz getting naked

  1. kevin

    Hey Catalina!! I love these photos primarily because it looks like the tattoo on your stomach was airbrushed out…which. I love seeing.Can you please consider doing more photos with all of the tattooed airbrushed? I would also like to see some photos with your Pusey completely shaved. NO HAIR!! Would also love to see you take a DP or bring in a MMF threesome(as many members have been begging you to do). Please do a DP scene in the future with two docks other than Brandon’s. Please!!!!!!

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