Catalina Cruz gets naked in Vegas

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I’m home from Vegas. The trip was cut short due to me not feeling well. I’m happy to be breathing again! I felt like a fish without water. The lesson learned is to slow down and realize to take it easy when you’re body is telling you to.

I’ll be positive and tell you the highlights of my trip… I met a lot of members/fans/friends at the booth where I was signing for the show which I don’t do too often so it was really nice to get out and hug many of you! I won my bet that I placed on the Jets! I had sex live on cam with busty Sienna & sweet and sexy Kaci. Kaci had a little surprise for us girls…she discovered she has two clits!! So, with some curiousity and I think some reservation too LOL Sienna & I explored this announcement live on cam. You just never know whats going to happen live on my shows. I don’t even know a lot of times with my guests! Nothing is planned I meaning nothing is scripted besides who I choose to have on so it gets pretty interesting. Another high was dancing with Sienna to some 80’s music at the Mandalay Bay while hopped up on cold medicine and a few drinks. Here are some photos from the trip.

Ok, so I should mention the lows of the trip… I came home without an award but on again on a positive note.. Brandon received the Bud Light award from Ms. West. I’m not really sure that is positive but hey I need to make light of this! I felt like this past year was the hardest I ever worked putting on special live events constantly and I will keep it up. It actually lit a spark of fire to me too so who knows what this year will bring Another low was that I lost my voice and went from sounding like a little girl to a raspy man! Some were so sweet telling me it sounded sexy. I’ll take my little girl voice any day now. And the final low was I never made it to the red carpet or the awards show cause being sick gave me a final blow and I left the line to get onto the red carpet. Plus, there was a feeling of being on the “D” list. lol

Thank you to everyone that came to see me!! I loved meeting you and look forward to doing it again!


Catalina Cruz

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